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Lambkin Design Studio: Redefining Chaos

My Purpose

It's no secret that art is all around us, influencing us so subtly that we don't even realize it. The manner in which we display ourselves has everything to do with where we stand with not only others, but also ourselves.

Similarly, we recognize the value of aesthetics in our own choices. The shopping habits of the masses follow an obvious trend toward the brands that can present themselves as esteemed and established. The like minded flock together over shared interests, finding each other despite how vast the distance and or niche the hobby. When the proper intention is portrayed and properly shared, the like minded will follow.

Lambkin Studio was founded with the intention of conveying a deliberate message with art. I intend to utilize this platform to develop my artistry, collaborate with others, and cross boundaries yet uncrossed. This is a new path, intended to be tread no matter how steep or far the point of satisfaction lay.


Developing Artistry

I spent the last four years of my education honing my craft and practicing critical engagement while studying at Penny W. Stamps. The coursework allowed for my exploration of a variety of skills. I gained knowledge in overall graphic design, studying visualization, layout and type. At the same time, I studied the history of art and its cultural importance.

Though I am not regularly a precision-focused artist, I found that working carefully with my hands leads to the most satisfaction. I spent a year developing my skills in book arts, exploring various subjects with my work while learning to construct the books themselves.The following year, I focused on comics, furthering my story-telling capabilities and refining my illustrative style.

Following graduation, I threw myself into my job and set aside much of my creative practice. I intend to return to this practice to the greatest extent that I can. In doing so, I hope to deepen my understanding of art as a practice.



Beyond the gratification of completing a work is the excitement of sharing it with others. There is nothing like learning about someone through their work, and in that same line of thought, sharing who you are with others through your art.

Working alongside other artists was a luxury to me as a student. Seeing the work of my peers me not only taught me much, but also greatly inspired me. Others critically assessed my work, and I did the same for them. We pushed each other further toward our goals.

As a young artist, I know that learning from those who have come before me will only benefit me. I hope that with this project I can work beside others, and we can complement each other with our individual skillsets.


Alternative Design

With my skillset, I hope to meet people who are looking to work together to create their vision. If you are in need of logo or asset design, or looking to collaborate with me, please fill out my contact form or email me. I am excited to embark on this new venture, and look forward to working with you!

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